Lithium Ferrous Phosphate ( LiFePO4 )

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate batteries are widely used as back up storage for large applications such as home ups, commercial power storage in offices, in industries such as telecommunications and for solar/ wind energy/ grid applications.  They are easily scalable and when integrated with battery management systems (BMS) makes it ideal for smart monitoring on-site or remotely. Available in configurations starting from 12V, 12AH, they can be easily scaled up in series or parallel configurations to arrive at a larger storage capacity.
LiFePo4 batteries are light weight (less than half the weight of Lead Acid Batteries) and about 70% smaller than lead acid batteries. Compared to Lead Acid batteries which have a usable capacity of only 50%, LFP batteries can be discharged 100% (DOD) making it twice as much as efficient. Lithium Ferrous Phosphate batteries also last much longer – about 3000 to 5000 cycles at 80% DOD as compared to lead acid’s 300 to 500 cycles at 50% DOD.