go site cheap generic Finax uk 1. For Stand-by Use

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  • Suitable  battery module for 48V market like a communication base station.
  • Using 18650  type cell with good performance  for storage  use, long life and high energy density.
  • Large capacitance  and small size by optimized design, 1,224Wh, 9.6kg  and 8.9l.
  • 2U size, based  on 19 inch rack standard.                                                                    Outdoor base station       Indoor small base station

source link 2. For Cycle Use and for back up use

  • Meets the peak control system by keeping  good cycle performance.
  • With long life to meet the use needed charge and discharge  cycle operating for peak shift, cut and shaving. High energy density and small packages  to enable the reduction of space.